All Hail Unicron Episode 3: The Not So Tfcon Special!

All Hail Unicron: Episode 3




Anybody Get Anything?


Movie News

Third party news

Third party legends scale trainbots?


Moon studios Iceland


Moon studios MS-01 Dark Knight


Devil saviors DS-06 sweeping


Cang Toys Razorclaw


Official news:

Haslab Fully Funded (all Tiers)


MP Shouki w/ Diorama Pictures

Statue-ish News:

Yolo Park Optimus Model Kit:

Three ZeroOptimus:





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Special Shoutouts:

Dustmightz for providing the beats for the theme song!

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Everyone who followed us from Shattered Cast Uncut, we are grateful to each and everyone of you for joining us on this journey!



  1. T2RX6
  2. Mathew Deluxe Baldwin
  3. Oscar Alonso
  4. Robert Duyjuy-sabado-gigante
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