All Hail Unicron Episode 5: What’s for Dinner?

All Hail Unicron: Episode 5



Anybody Get Anything?


Movie News

Transformers: Rise of the beasts delayed...its lenny's fault!

Third party news

KFC powermaster prime color prototype.

Shockwave lab upgrade for SS wreck-gar, Haslam Unicron, and optimus primal.

X-Transbots Zuesasaurus ( Deathsarus)

New age legends scale Delta magnus. 

I'm not even gonna TRY to say that name...someone is gonna get offended.

Official news:

Pusscon stuff

Hasbro sky fairy,  and gayus they will be able to merge with Starhole Conboy.

Transformers Studio Series leader class starscream in Hand images.  ( for Matt and I really, we love our jets!)

Statue-ish News:





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Special Shoutouts:

Dustmightz for providing the beats for the theme song!

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Everyone who followed us from Shattered Cast Uncut, we are grateful to each and everyone of you for joining us on this journey!



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  2. Mathew Deluxe Baldwin
  3. Oscar Alonso
  4. Robert Duyjuy-sabado-gigante
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